Welcome to the official site of the initiators of the YFarm Project – Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative (FBIN) and Alexijan Consults – the consulting arm of FBIN.

For over 10years, FBIN has stayed true to its mission of advancing attitudes, actions and policies that promote justice, social inclusion, social responsibility and meaningful participation for children, young people, vulnerable groups and women in Nigeria.

Our biggest achievements are seen through the lives of the poor and vulnerable that we have impacted positively. We achieved this through training programmes, publications, mentoring sessions, advocacy campaigns/events, bootcamps, dialogues, practical sessions, community actions, concerts, conferences and festivals.

We develop appropriate development toolkits, handbooks, manuals and Behaviour Change Communication materials used for advocacy, volunteerism, mentoring, peacebuilding and capacity building to effect positive and lasting change in individuals, organisations and communities.

Join us as we create sustainable impact across Africa.

You can participate, partner or fund any of our projects targeting rural, poor and vulnerable youth and women.



Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative (FBIN) was founded on November 27th 2008  and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization. We aim to stimulate positive change, promote social responsibility, environmental sustainability and spirit of volunteerism in our society as well as facilitate intergenerational relationship. We develop appropriate Behaviour Change Communication materials used in advocating for value re-orientation and active participation in community development.

We are committed to promoting the human rights of children and young people especially vulnerable children and young people. Based in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, we advocate, educate and network towards a just and inclusive society in Nigeria and beyond.

VISION: Our Vision is of a society that enables and is transformed by the sharing and relationships between children, young people and other members of the society, a society where young people participate fully in policy and decision making processes in a just and equitable manner.

MISSION: We advance attitudes, policies and actions that promote justice, social inclusion, social responsibility and meaningful participation for children and young people in Nigeria and beyond and encourages a more positive Children-Youth-Adult Exchange.

VALUES: Our values are Volunteerism, Creativity, Professionalism, Leadership and Equality as well as a culture that nurtures participation and interdependence. The organization also works with the following values: inclusion; Learning; Social Responsibility (Individual, Family, Corporate and Community levels); Relationship; Discipline; Participation.

OUR PROGRAMMES: Our programmes cover Children & Youth Exchange programmes; Mentoring; Volunteer Placements; FBI Nigeria Agent Action Projects; Research/Documentation and Consultancy; Job Fairs, Internships; Special Programmes for Children and Young persons living with Disabilities (Sports, Arts, Debate & Quiz Competitions), Skills Development.


  • Promote Value Re-orientation, Volunteerism, Creativity and Empowerment of children and young people in Nigeria towards a sustainable development;
  • Build Capacity and a strong Organizational Structure to support the efforts of Government, Corporate Bodies and Development Partners;
  • Proactively engage in Research/Documentation, Policy and Decision Making processes, and Networking as well as encourage interaction and constructive debate in the wider society;
  • Promote Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria and beyond.


  • Research/Documentation; Mobilization and Participation in FBI programmes; Newsletter publication and IEC production/dissemination; Media engagement.


  • Creativity; Volunteerism; Social Responsibility; Integrity; Character Development; Effective Leadership; Health

OUR GDP:           God, Determination, Passion


  • Research & Documentation (Development of Toolkits, Manuals, Articles, etc)
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Volunteerism

OUR TARGET: Children and Youth


FBIN hosts Secretariat for African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) Nigeria and CAADP Youth Network Africa. We are the youth hub organization for the YFarm Project, Oxfam, UNIDO, VSO and UNWomen on the Youth and Women in Agribusiness Project.






Establishing, celebrating and promoting at least 10,000 youth-led farms

and agribusinesses across Africa by 2020.

Youth Farm (YFarm) Project is a brainchild of Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative and Alexijan Consults which adopts a two-pronged approach to promote youth-led farms and agribusinesses, as well as highlight the benefits of farming for sustainable youth development and livelihoods. The YFarm Project aims to promote agriculture as a Fun activity, Culture, Career and Business among African Youth. It also aims to draw youth out of Poverty, into Sustainable Agriculture and closer to God.

The Project was launched as a National Campaign under the “YFarm: My Farm, My Swag Campaign” during the 1st National Stakeholders Meeting on the YFarm Project by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oxfam, UNWomen, and other stakeholders held in Abuja on April 2, 2014. The meeting drew stakeholders from youth organizations and networks, civil society, Government, Media, and Development Partners who pledged their commitment to ensure a huge success of the Campaign.

YFarm Project enjoys endorsement and support from the African Union Commission, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Federal Ministry of Youth Development, UNDP, UNWomen, UN Volunteers, National Planning Commission, National Agric Foundation of Nigeria, youth networks and Development Partners.

YFarm Project adopts and uses an integrated and comprehensive strategy ranging from social media; print, electronic, traditional media; mobile application; online directory of African youth in agriculture; theme song; documentary; capacity building; among others.


To promote a youth-led agribusiness society, reduce poverty and increase active youth participation in sustainable agriculture by 2020.


To establish, celebrate and promote at least 10,000 youth-led farms and agribusinesses across Africa by 2020


  1. To provide a unique platform to support and integrate youth into National Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme (YEAP), Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) and Africa Vision 2063
  2. To advocate for increased public investments in small scale Agriculture for youth
  3. To promote mentoring and business opportunities for young farmers and agropreneurs
  4. To create a platform to enable youth and stakeholders to appreciate the role of Agriculture in rebuilding their Nation and the Continent
  5. To document sustainable farm practices, challenges and recommendations from youth-led farms
  6. To celebrate youth in Agriculture translated into specific proposals and recommendations to governments and development partners at the end of this campaign.


FBIN has four training institutes aimed at changing our negative value system and building the capacity of young people and other professionals with a bid to contributing to development in the society. Such trainings are Leadership, Social Responsibility, Development and Peace Institutes. Most of the trainings are for three days and are certificate based.

  1.       Leadership Institute: Our Leadership Institute is targeted at young leaders, professionals and development workers. The core areas to be covered in the three day training include: Effective Leadership; Integrity; Temperament and Character Development; Accoutability;  Professionalism;  Role Model; Body Mapping/ Self Esteem; Stress Management;  Health (HIV/AIDS, Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Cancer). The participants are expected to volunteer in the organization before subsequent Volunteer placement in another establishment as well as carry out an Action project in their immediate community in order to contribute to community development.
  2. Social Responsibility Institute: This Institute aims to encourage the spirit of Volunteerism and Social Responsibility among citizens especially individuals, corporate bodies, government agencies, enterpreneurs, etc. Thus, the core areas covered in the training include: Volunteerism; Patriotism; Mentoring; Individual Social Responsibility; Family Social Responsibility; Corporate Social Responsibility; Community Social Responsibility; Community Development.
  3.     Peace InstitutePeace is essential to development; hence the need to build capacity of individuals involved in peace processes. The target audience include Law Enforcement agents, Peace researchers and Academicians, etc. The Core Areas to be covered in the training include: Peace & Security: Peacebuilding/Peace Making; Conflict and Conflict Resolution; Litigation & Multidoor Court House system; Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation, Conciliation); Traditional Dispute Resolution Methods.
  4. Development Institute: This Institute was set up in recognition of the need to work towards localising and achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria. Thus, the course targets development workers, civil society organizations, governments, individuals, and other practitioners. The core areas of focus include: Creativity and Strategic Thinking; Skills Development; Project Design, Implementation and Management; Proposal Writing and Fundraising Tips; Job Interviews and Curriculum Vitae; Gender, Children and Youth, Green Economy & Sustainable Development; Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Adaptation.

Gender, Vulnerable Groups and the SDGs


In line with our organization’s mandate of integrating youth and vulnerable groups into policy and developmental processes, our organization with the support of Alexijan Consults under our Volunteer For Life (VFL) and Youth Farm (YFarm) projects developed the #LeaveNoYouthBehind Campaign on the SDGs in order to provide a unique platform for vulnerable youth to share and gain relevant experiences from key stakeholders, and also advocate for inclusion in the policy and decision making spaces. 

The Campaign draws its strength from the ‘Leave No One Behind’ Principles of the SDGs and targets youth with disability, special and health needs, young widows and widowers, young victims of violence, rural and out of school youth, among other vulnerable youth.

The initial phase of the Campaign runs as a and focuses on research and documentation; policy advocacy and public mobilization on inclusion of vulnerable youth in policy and developmental processes; capacity building of the selected groups on Basic Life, Transformative Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Skills; innovative labs; Mock Parliaments; Documentary; and Competitions; and position them to benefit from the ‘Leave No Youth Behind agenda’ for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In May 23rd – 25th 2018, we hosted the Leave No Youth Behind Social Media Hangout, Community Lab & Agribusiness Bootcamp for vulnerable youth and women in Mpape Community in FCT, Nigeria with financial and material support from Women Environmental Programme (WEP), Women in Engage for a Common Future (WECF)Global Forest Coalition (GFC)Gender and Water Alliance (GWA); and Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)  

Sustainable Livelihoods




LAUNCHED UNDER THE GROW Campaign of Oxfam Nigeria in July 2013The Project is designed to advocate for increased investments in small scale Agriculture in Nigeria.


To increase youth participation in Agriculture through Advocacy, Capacity Building and Campaign Strategies.


To develop advocacy and campaign messages working with policy advocates and influencers, and to design online and digital campaigns using twitter, YouTube and SMS. To conduct consultative meetings, policy dialogues and small group meetings with policy makers and parliamentarians on the GROW Campaign. To undertake strategic campaigns geared towards World Food Day (Oct 8), World Population Day (July 11) and World Women Day (March 8).

Inclusive Volunteerism



LAUNCHED BY HON. MINISTER, FEDERAL MINISTRY OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT at the National Summit commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) in collaboration with United Nations Volunteers, UNDP, UNMC, ECOWAS Commission at Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Abuja on March 29, 2011 and re-launched on December 4, 2012. It promotes a culture of volunteerism, intergenerational dialogue and mentoring among young people and other members of the society. FBIN, our staff and volunteers have received many awards by the UN Volunteers and Nigerian Government (Nigerian National Volunteer Service, Presidency) because of the projects impact on National Development

Mentoring & Coaching




Innovative Leadership & Empathy Development




Our Resources

  • A Toolkit for Volunteerism
  • Children’s Handbook on Clean Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and Peak Oil
  • Youth Advocacy Toolkit on Agriculture for Increased Investments in Small Scale Agriculture
  • Nigerian National Youth Manifesto on Agriculture
  • Toolkit on Community Entrepreneurship Education
  • Leadership Education and Peacebuilding Training Toolkit
  • Children’s Toolkit on Leadership, Peace, Volunteerism, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Farm Pamphlet

Awards received:

  • National Transformation Ambassadorial Award given by the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Student Matters. Abuja. May 27, 2013
  • 2012 International Volunteers Day Award of Excellence by the United Nations Volunteers, NNVS, NYSC for her outstanding contributions as a Volunteer Manager towards the attainment of the MDGs in Nigeria during National Summit on Volunteerism and Development (Dec 5, 2012);
  • TOP12 Awards for Leadership and Sustainable Development by Youngstars Foundation International, Federal Ministry of Youth Development and Skype London (December 2, 2011);
  • International Gold Award for Transparency & Accountability by National Chronicle Magazine (September 10, 2011);
  • Award of Excellence by the United Nations Volunteers for her outstanding contributions as a Volunteer towards the attainment of the MDGs in Nigeria during National Summit on Volunteerism and Development (March 29, 2011);
  • Millennium Development Ambassador by Teachers Without Borders (June 15, 2008)
  • Youth Ambassador for Peace by Universal Peace Federation & Youth Federation for World Peace (September, 2007)