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Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative (FBIN) was founded on November 27th 2008 and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization. We aim to stimulate positive change, promote social responsibility, environmental sustainability and spirit of volunteerism in our society as well as facilitate intergenerational relationship. We develop appropriate Behaviour Change Communication materials used in advocating for value re-orientation and active participation in community development .We are committed to promoting the human rights of children and young people especially vulnerable children and young people. Based in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, we advocate, educate and network towards a just and inclusive society in Nigeria and beyond

OUR  VISION: Our Vision is of a society that enables and is transformed by the sharing and relationships between children, young people and other members of the society, a society where young people participate fully in policy and decision making processes in a just and equitable manner.

OUR  MISSION: We advance attitudes, policies and actions that promote justice, social inclusion, social responsibility and meaningful participation for children and young people in Nigeria and beyond and encourages a more positive Children-Youth-Adult Exchange.

OUR  VALUES: Our values are Volunteerism, Creativity, Professionalism, Leadership and Equality as well as a culture that nurtures participation and interdependence. The organization also works with the following values: inclusion; Learning; Social Responsibility (Individual, Family, Corporate and Community levels); Relationship; Discipline; Participation.

OUR PROGRAMMES: Our programmes cover Children & Youth Exchange programmes; Mentoring; Volunteer Placements; FBI Nigeria Agent Action Projects; Research/Documentation and Consultancy; Job Fairs, Internships; Special Programmes for Children and Young persons living with Disabilities (Sports, Arts, Debate & Quiz Competitions), Skills Development.


  • Promote Value Re-orientation, Volunteerism, Creativity and Empowerment of children and young people in Nigeria towards a sustainable development;
  • Build Capacity and a strong Organizational Structure to support the efforts of Government, Corporate Bodies and Development Partners;
  • Proactively engage in Research/Documentation, Policy and Decision Making processes, and Networking as well as encourage interaction and constructive debate in the wider society;
  • Promote Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria and beyond.


  • Research/Documentation; Mobilization and Participation in FBI programmes; Newsletter publication and IEC production/dissemination; Media engagement.
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